Jacob Bogatin: 15 ways of a healthy way of life, which will strengthen your immunity

A healthy lifestyle is usually associated with something tedious and boring. However, in reality, it is not so. The right way of life helps a person realize their plans, achieve their goals, always be on top and look great. Surely you know that health depends on the immune system, says Jacob Bogatin.

If she is strong, a person rarely gets sick, he recovers more quickly, he has fewer complications after the diseases. And vice versa, if immunity is weak, a person becomes a frequent visitor to polyclinics and pharmacies. Nobody will argue that buying drugs is expensive, sitting in lines at a polyclinic is boring, and it’s unacceptable to look bad and always get sick, says Jacob Bogatin!

If you still think that a healthy lifestyle depends only on proper nutrition, read our article. We will tell you about 15 ways that will strengthen your immunity and help protect against diseases, says Jacob Bogatin!

Jacob Bogatin: Elizabeth II’s diet rules – what the British queen eats

On the table, the monarch does not have pasta, rice, and potatoes. In addition to dishes, never add garlic, because the queen always cares about fresh breath. Only sometimes the royal dishes can season with a small number of onions. Elizabeth also adores steaks of full frying, says Jacob Bogatin.

It is noteworthy that the British queen never eats bananas entirely: she first cuts them into small pieces, and only then uses the fruit, notes Jacob Bogatin.

Recall, previously Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain struck the audience with an unusual bright outfit. She came to a reception in London in a dress with a floral print and folds on the hem, says Jacob Bogatin.

Jacob Bogatin: Where to start eating properly

There are no special secrets on how to switch to proper nutrition. And most importantly – healthy food does not require additional financial expenses beyond the budget of the family. Healthy foods should not be too expensive – enough that they will be natural and fresh. The whole nuance of how these products will be cooked and consumed, says Jacob Bogatin.

To begin with, prolonged heat treatment always “kills” the lion’s share of the benefits in any food product. Therefore, it should be minimal. Do not forget that fried food, firstly, is not very useful for the stomach a priori, and secondly, it is harmful because of the contact with the fats in which it was prepared – even fresh fat “for one frying” is harmful, and repeatedly used “gives” carcinogens! One of the best cooking methods for today is a steamer, notes Jacob Bogatin.

Obligatory in the diet of proper nutrition are foods that represent all food groups (from greens and fruits to beans and oils). The percentage of them can be determined by your taste preferences and the characteristics of the organisms of family members, but the diversity and coverage of the entire spectrum is a requirement that is indispensable for the full provision of the human body with vitamins, says Jacob Bogatin.

Jacob Bogatin: Fatty fish reduces the risk of heart disease

The new study says that consuming fatty fish 4 times a week can help increase the amount of good cholesterol and prevent the risk of heart disease, says Jacob Bogatin.

The results of the study showed that fatty fish increases the size and lipid composition of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) particles, also known as good cholesterol, in people with impaired glucose metabolism, notes Jacob Bogatin.

The researchers also found that more extended daily use of 30 ml camellia oil rich in alpha-linolenic acid, which is part of the omega-3 fatty acid, reduces the amount of harmful intermediate-density lipoprotein (LPP) particles, according to Jacob Bogatin.

Jacob Bogatin: What I Eat During the Day

I do not count calories and do not make a menu for a week. I like to listen to my body and my intuition, says Jacob Bogatin. For me, it is essential that the diet is diverse, and that its basis is vegetables and fruits, and in addition to them were cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, mushrooms, eggs and dairy products. In the last post, I talked about 10 products that I do not eat. In this post I tried to describe what my diet consists of – what I eat and drink for breakfast, what dinner and dinner look like, and what I snack during the day.

Breakfast according to Jacob Bogatin
The first thing I do in the morning is drinking 1-2 large glasses of water. I drink hot water by adding lemon or lime juice. So begins my day for about ten years, so at home, there is always a stock of lemons or limes. Earlier, after a glass of water, I still did gymnastics on an empty stomach, but recently I wake up quite hungry, so immediately after the rain I make smoothies, juice or eat fresh fruit.

Juice in the morning I squeeze out of those vegetables and greens that are at home. It can be a mix of carrots, apples, beets, and ginger. Or green juice from celery, cucumbers, apples, parsley, and spinach. Sometimes I want to add more ginger, sometimes more greens, and sometimes the juicer is unwashed from yesterday, and there is not the time for juice at all. When there is an opportunity to drop in at the Stop & Shop in the evening, I always take shots with vitgrass or Happy Green juice with pineapple and greens in the morning – they are my favorite, says Jacob Bogatin!

Jacob Bogatin: Salad with baked cauliflower with green dressing from cashew

Cauliflower is one of the underestimated vegetables, which in fact you need to learn how to cook and combine with tasty sauces. In addition to its useful properties, it states not worse than potatoes, but it is much easier to digest, says Jacob Bogatin. Of cauliflower, you can get an excellent base for pizza and an alternative to mashed potatoes, it can be added to smoothies instead of banana and baked together with other vegetables.

In this warm salad, the baked cauliflower is tastily combined with fresh arugula and a dressing of cashew and fragrant greens. Such a mixture will replace a whole lunch or will be an excellent side dish for a family dinner, says Jacob Bogatin.

Instead of parsley and green onions in a cashew refueling recipe, you can use spinach or a mix of other favorite greens – it can be basil, dill or kale. Instead of capers, you can add olives. If you eat dairy products, before serving, you can sprinkle a salad with chopped goat cheese or parmesan, says Jacob Bogatin.

Rich Rye Bread – Jacob Bogatin

About a year ago Jacob Bogatin showed bread, which he called Viskonskiy rye. The recipe was picked from a book that had nothing to do with bread, and it did not leave the feeling that somewhere near him, right under the surface the original source was wandering. Sometimes such a book can be looked for infinitely long, but this time Jacob Bogatin computed it without much difficulty and even almost immediately found the book itself. And when one of the friends asked him to bake some sort of rye bread, Jacob Bogatin immediately said: “no problem,” he knew where to look for the recipe. Even search was not necessary – it was already laid.

It remained only to make some amendments – first, Jacob knew in advance that he did not want to make a yeast dye on rye flour; secondly, he decided to replace the hard-to-reach flour of grade clear. Well, after that everything was relatively simple. Of course, this bread can be called “rye” only with a big stretch, and if you proceed from the fact that it is eaten with pleasure by children, it is impossible at all. In fact, and in appearance, to taste it is the usual American toast bread, even if the smallest is denser and denser than the store.

We must admit that the schedule – 3 + 3 + 3 + 1 is not the most sparing, it is not bread for every day, not even every day off, i.e., it is entirely possible to ask the question “what was the reason to fight?”, but Jacob Bogatin has absolutely no sense of wasted time spent.

Jacob Bogatin: Peach Oil

In Texas, the peach season begins in May and lasts all summer. I lived here more than 10 years, and of course, I heard about great local peaches, but only this year I wanted to finally understand their varieties and taste characteristics. It turned out that farmers grow more than 30 different varieties that ripen at different times, and very few of them get into shops and markets of the city. Only when you come to different gardens can you collect or buy them yourself, says Jacob Bogatin.

I really liked how in English they call three varieties of peaches, depending on how their flesh is separated from the stone. The earliest and juicy peaches are always very fibrous. These delicate fibers are firmly attached to the bone, and such peaches can only be gnawed. In July, peaches appear, in which the pulp is separated from the stone easily. Their flesh is smooth and elastic. A couple of weeks in late June and early July – the time of maturation of hybrids of both. Peaches with a readily separable stone can conveniently be dried and canned with small pieces because they can be cut beautifully. And the early ones are great for mashed potatoes and peach butter, says Jacob Bogatin.

Peach oil has nothing to do with fats. It is a peach puree evaporated to an intense concentration of taste and aroma. In America, evaporated apple, pumpkin, plum puree is called “butter” because they have a similar to soft butter consistency. Of course, this is not about commercial products, which are more like jams and light jam. It is a question of skilful products that support the beautiful traditions of many cuisines of the world: sirop de Liège, appelstroop, birnenhonig, nièr beurre, jerseys black butter, vin suit, apfelsirup oder kurz kraut, povidla (o), powidła (o), cajeta de guayaba , dulce de membrillo and the like, says Jacob Bogatin.

If you do not add sugar to the peach puree, it will not be sweetly sweet. Perhaps somewhere in the world, there are lovely peaches for which this rule turns out to be wrong, but the Texas ones are such – fragrant-floral, with pleasant sourness – so the oil from them turns out to be delicious. Given that it needs to be evaporated at least three times, a lot of it from purchased peaches is not harvested. It will be a treat. Therefore, a little oil can be stored in the refrigerator, and the rest can be frozen portions. And then you can not be afraid of lack of added sugar in it.