Jacob Bogatin: Salad with baked cauliflower with green dressing from cashew

Cauliflower is one of the underestimated vegetables, which in fact you need to learn how to cook and combine with tasty sauces. In addition to its useful properties, it states not worse than potatoes, but it is much easier to digest, says Jacob Bogatin. Of cauliflower, you can get an excellent base for pizza and an alternative to mashed potatoes, it can be added to smoothies instead of banana and baked together with other vegetables.

In this warm salad, the baked cauliflower is tastily combined with fresh arugula and a dressing of cashew and fragrant greens. Such a mixture will replace a whole lunch or will be an excellent side dish for a family dinner, says Jacob Bogatin.

Instead of parsley and green onions in a cashew refueling recipe, you can use spinach or a mix of other favorite greens – it can be basil, dill or kale. Instead of capers, you can add olives. If you eat dairy products, before serving, you can sprinkle a salad with chopped goat cheese or parmesan, says Jacob Bogatin.