Jacob Bogatin: What I Eat During the Day

I do not count calories and do not make a menu for a week. I like to listen to my body and my intuition, says Jacob Bogatin. For me, it is essential that the diet is diverse, and that its basis is vegetables and fruits, and in addition to them were cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, mushrooms, eggs and dairy products. In the last post, I talked about 10 products that I do not eat. In this post I tried to describe what my diet consists of – what I eat and drink for breakfast, what dinner and dinner look like, and what I snack during the day.

Breakfast according to Jacob Bogatin
The first thing I do in the morning is drinking 1-2 large glasses of water. I drink hot water by adding lemon or lime juice. So begins my day for about ten years, so at home, there is always a stock of lemons or limes. Earlier, after a glass of water, I still did gymnastics on an empty stomach, but recently I wake up quite hungry, so immediately after the rain I make smoothies, juice or eat fresh fruit.

Juice in the morning I squeeze out of those vegetables and greens that are at home. It can be a mix of carrots, apples, beets, and ginger. Or green juice from celery, cucumbers, apples, parsley, and spinach. Sometimes I want to add more ginger, sometimes more greens, and sometimes the juicer is unwashed from yesterday, and there is not the time for juice at all. When there is an opportunity to drop in at the Stop & Shop in the evening, I always take shots with vitgrass or Happy Green juice with pineapple and greens in the morning – they are my favorite, says Jacob Bogatin!