Rich Rye Bread – Jacob Bogatin

About a year ago Jacob Bogatin showed bread, which he called Viskonskiy rye. The recipe was picked from a book that had nothing to do with bread, and it did not leave the feeling that somewhere near him, right under the surface the original source was wandering. Sometimes such a book can be looked for infinitely long, but this time Jacob Bogatin computed it without much difficulty and even almost immediately found the book itself. And when one of the friends asked him to bake some sort of rye bread, Jacob Bogatin immediately said: “no problem,” he knew where to look for the recipe. Even search was not necessary – it was already laid.

It remained only to make some amendments – first, Jacob knew in advance that he did not want to make a yeast dye on rye flour; secondly, he decided to replace the hard-to-reach flour of grade clear. Well, after that everything was relatively simple. Of course, this bread can be called “rye” only with a big stretch, and if you proceed from the fact that it is eaten with pleasure by children, it is impossible at all. In fact, and in appearance, to taste it is the usual American toast bread, even if the smallest is denser and denser than the store.

We must admit that the schedule – 3 + 3 + 3 + 1 is not the most sparing, it is not bread for every day, not even every day off, i.e., it is entirely possible to ask the question “what was the reason to fight?”, but Jacob Bogatin has absolutely no sense of wasted time spent.